A Teacher can change a lives.

Teacher is one the most important base for forming society. In our India, master and disciple tradition exist from the many centuries. Masters are playing very important role in life of their disciples. They are actually transit their saturate into their followers, they always search for right disciple who adopt their skills and expertise. There is one saying in Gujarati….. “Baare Buddhi, Sole Saan, Ane Vise Van- Aavya to Aavya Nahitar Gayaa…” It means that at age of 12th child gets intelligence, at age of 16th they get knowledge of… Read More

Yoga, Just a Physical Exercise?

21st June 2016 is the first International Day of Yoga. History has evidence; India is considered the pioneer of a spiritual revolution. Ancient India has given a many gifts to the world in field of spirituality. Yoga is one of the best gift from that treasure. Celebration the day of yoga, it is really a very the revolutionary decision for spiritual progress. And of being an Indian, I can say with pride that celebrating International Yoga Day is begins by India, This was a liability which is successfully fulfilled. Yoga… Read More

Birthday is Great Opportunity to Apologize…

Birthday, on your birthday you may bombarded with the number of WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Wishes & Calls Right….!.Birthday is obviously very important for everyone, on this day we wish that our near and dear wishes us a birthday with positive greeting. When everyone start birthday wishes we find our self energetic. I personally feel that the birthday is a great opportunity to apologize for mistakes we did in previous year. It’s Psychology that everyone consider Him/Herself as a perfect one including me too.. :), We feel that we are always… Read More

Skills and Capabilities…

Skills and Capabilities both like power generator for success. We should never compromise with that. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya [pullquote]“Successful person never compromise with their skills and capabilities.”[/pullquote]As a management student, I am always observing how the successful people works, how the act and how the behave with their employee. By this observation, I found one characteristics of such people and that is “Successful person never compromise with their skills and capabilities.” Every human being on our planet has their own core competency in relevant interest area. But think if they… Read More

Born and Death

Born and Death Happens at Every Moments of Our Life. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya As we all knows “human is a social animal”. We as a human being wants to live in a group for the love, affection and the security motives. From the childhood we have meet the numbers of people some are very close and some are those to whom we don’t want to meet again. Our Mother, Father, Brother or Sister & Husband or Wife this are the closest relatives in our life, No one is permanently with… Read More

Acceptance of Reality….

Progress is not possible without acceptance of reality of belief. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya It is inner nature of humans that he is always trying to prove himself right. Sometimes this belief of life seems to have the opposite effect. This can be interior and exterior too. Interior refers to the self-soul level while exterior refers to one person to another person. Whatever interior is, will surly reflect on exterior. “Negativity is cannibalistic. The more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it grows.” — Bobby Darnell See, I know that… Read More

Not Just Listening, Implications Brings Results..

Any information is useless until it’s gets implemented. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya   “Only listening is not enough” that what i feel. Many a time in my life I also face this stage where I listen to someone and I realize whatever that person is speaking is true and should be implemented and will gives 100% positive results, but my laziness doesn’t allow me to do that. I have studied one things in my life… The things which consumes time we feel laziness in that particular task, For example we know… Read More