Skills and Capabilities…

Skills and Capabilities both like power generator for success. We should never compromise with that. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya

[pullquote]“Successful person never compromise with their skills and capabilities.”[/pullquote]As a management student, I am always observing how the successful people works, how the act and how the behave with their employee. By this observation, I found one characteristics of such people and that is “Successful person never compromise with their skills and capabilities.”

Every human being on our planet has their own core competency in relevant interest area. But think if they are kept in cage, will they able to enhance their skill or will it be beneficial to someone else as per expectation? Your answer will surly no.. Right?

For the a seed only fertile land is not enough. To grownup from seed to tree it must required external source like proper sunlight, proper space & proper gardener, only seed cannot be able to do anything.

By correlating our self with a seed, we are far luckiest than it. Seed is non living object, so it has no option for selecting proper gardeners, it can’t say that they need sunlight or space. There is hardly little probability for the seed to get such environment to fulfill its life’s purpose. We have choice of selecting fertile land, a good gardener, proper space to grownup. Don’t be like non living object.

Whether you are on a job, business or any kind of damn situation always gives the priorities to your skills and capabilities. If you find yourself in such situation where by your talent, skills & capabilities gets demoralize left that place or fight for justice. There is nothing wrong in it. It is the most stupid decision to remain employee where your skills & capability don’t get enhancement. Our skills and capabilities are those things by which we are able to sustain our existence on this earth.

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