Umeshkumar Tarsariya, a 27 years man from Gujarat. An entrepreneur by profession, a blogger by passion, a foodie by nature and a thinker by birth is how he describes himself. His destination is to be ”A Author”..

He love to share all the knowledge that he gain in field of technology at free of cost. He believes that “Being a social animal, we should support everyone to grownup.”

His philosophy is “Karo Wahi, Jo Dil Kahe…” It means we should have to follow voice of our heart. He always see every aspect of the life with the point of view of spirituality. He write this virtual book with the intention of grafting his life’s experience and Ideology. This blog is an image of his inter-world.

“This is not just a blog, its mirror image of my life’s lesions”

~ Umeshkumar Tarsariya