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Umeshkumar Tarsariya, Born, brought and living in city called Surat. It's situated in state of Gujarat, India. My Native village is Karjala, Bhavnagar, Gujarat. If you are thinking you will find some this extra ordinary things about me then let me clear that i am not at all extra ordinary men. I am living life with the learning and lessions from the experience.

On this pages you will find those learning and experiences in written form, written form doesn't represent all experiences and hence we can say its a mirror of my life which shows some area of my life. I trongly belives learning from others experiences will save time and cost too. I hope rather focusing on grammer, you will focus on its meaning and feelings. I am not at all good at grammers. I just know to represent my thought in the respective subject.

I am doing blogging since 2009, M.B.A. since 2014, Entreprenuer since 2015, Amateur Radio operator (Callsign: VU3EFL) since 31/01/2022. Also learning flute music on occational bases.As part of a hobby this is my personal blog as a medium to express my thoughts, my feelings and experiences in my language.

Practicing meditation since 2006, Proudly following samarpan meditation technique for my spiritual journey. His Hollyness Shri Shivkrupanand Swamiji is my Sadguru, After reading my post you will find my spiritual views on the respective subject or title of the post.

Umesh Tarsariya

Umesh Tarsariya Visitor on Planet Earth.

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My objectives behind writing on Amateur radio.

Objective on writing amateur radio
Welcome to the blog of VU3EFL. First and foremost, I'd like to welcome you to the world of amateur radio. I am new to amateur radio, and, also being a blogger and writer, I got the inspiration to write about my amateur radio journey and share my experiences, knowledge, and understanding on this blog.

So the first question that must arise in your mind is, "Why should we read this blog or why should we follow you?"

So my response is that if your and my motivations are similar, we can learn something together; if our motivations are different, there is no need to waste time. I'm sharing my motivation for writing this blog; read it and, if you find it useful, subscribe to it.

What is S.E.O and How It's Useful for us?

S.E.O - Search engine optimization
So, being active and having a hobby of making blogs and websites since 2009, I am following SEO techniques for my business and for personal blogging use too. I personally believe that you shouldn't opt for third-party services for S.E.O. Learn, and apply that knowledge to your own website. This blog is specially dedicated for those who want to learn SEO and want to increase their website's visibility in search engines.

Believe me, if you go for S.E.O. services, they will work on your profile, but if you don't know the basics, you might be cheated as S.E.O. does not provide results instantly. If you are thinking that you will get results within 10 days, a month, or a year, then you are predicting SEO in the wrong way. Many black-hat SEO experts are claiming and doing this for a sort period of time, but their visibility remains for the sort duration only. If you are focusing on long-term and sustainable SEO learning lessons, then you are on the right page. So now the aim is clear. When your aim and mine are the same, we both grow up.

My name in the news of Times of India...(12 Feb 2023)

Recently, I got the opportunity to be a part of an interview on the occasion of World Radio Day by The Times of India. The interview was taken by Mr.Yagnesh Mehta and Mr.Gaurang Joshi (a photographer). Both have very sharp and deep knowledge of the news media industries.

VU2JRT, Jagdish Maheta, one of the senior ham from Surat city, He is my guru as he and other ham helping me a lot to understand ham radio. One day he called me and told me that reporters from the Times of India is coming to their home, are you interested to join us. I initially refused to join them because of my business obligations. And suddenly, after taking his call, I called him again and informed him that I was coming to join it. 

We had a very good conversation, and VU2JRT demonstrated on 20 meter and 40 meter band of H.F., We also looked at his antenna setup too. and after taking ice-cream interview was over.
I found really helpful amateur radio operators in Surat. Rather than calling him a friend, I referred to him as Guru (Master), as they were all my father's age.As always, I am learning from them.
I joined ham radio just a year ago. Experiencing an interview by The Times of India was my first such experience. It was really a memorable experience. 

Thanks to VU2JRT - Mr. Jagdishbhai Maheta, Journalist Mr.Yagneshbhai , Photogranpher Mr. Gaurangbhai Joshi.

Mr. Yagnesh has share the link of times of india with It’s ‘friends like ham-ily’ for this GST consultant

He mentioned my name on website and news paper hard copy too. Below is the image of new paper.

Times of India - Umesh Tarsariya

Become licensed ham operator (Amateur Radio)  – VU3EFL – Surat
Namaste, CQ.. CQ.. CQ.. This is VU3EFL…

Today, I got my license to transmit and receive on amateur radio frequency. Yes, I had shared a post that i cleared amateur radio exam. It was a since 29th Dec 2021 to 1st Feb 2022 was a long waiting period for me but if we compare this time with late 90’s then you may say that this waiting period is nothing as on those days license issue were taking 3 to 4 years.

So, lets jump to the good part of today’s post. I have got my amateur radio operating license today from Telecommunication ministry of Indian government. my unique call sign or you can say my universal identity in wireless network is VU3EFL. VU represent India, 3 Represents Restricted Grade and last three words EFL is my identity number. This call sign is valid in entire world.

So, what’s next.

I started making a 5 element cubical quard antenna for my radio too, I have UV5R radio set. See with restricted grade we have limitation of usage of power and emmisions, so my plan is to prepair for the general grade . Meanwhile i will start using my restricted grade and i will share the stuff, QSOs and learning on this blog.
Finally, ASOC exam is cleared..

As you all knows previously i had shared a post – The begining a new journey as a ham radio operator. Now It’s a good news that i have cleared ASOC exam and got result on 28th Dec 2020.

Still i am not authorized to use ham radio as i need to apply for the licence. OM Sasi – VU2XZ from hyderabad helped me alot during this entire process of getting cleared my exam. Now again i got guidelines from him to apply for license too.

I have applied for restricted and general grade. and i got a restricted grade. so the call sign will ne VU3 and the suffix will be any three latter which i have choise to select 3 options for the same. if it’s available then they will provide any one out of it or else they will give random latter.

So, at present i am processing for licence and hopefully withing a month i will get my call sign.

I want add one more point, here in ham radio every one is sharing their expertise without selflessness and without expecting in any kinds of benefits. So i got a guidelines at free of cost and i will also provide the same for those who needed.

If you have willingness to have a ham radio license feel free to drop your comment below. I will be happy to help.
A new journey as amateur radio operator (HAM) is about to begin.

 Hello, friends…

Every body keep progressing and keep going in their life. From the my childhood i always prefers the way which differentiate my self from others. This is clearly visible by this blog, in my entire educational and social life have never meet a single person who do blog like me. May or may not be i am not that much efficient blogger but what ever i do it’s creates a memory in the mind of people.

And the journey of my life keeps going and i keep adding feather to my cap. Now the feather call HAM radio operator is about to embellish me.

It’s about a 3 to 4 month i am continuously accruing  knowledge and information about the same and got too much insides as a beginner. With the help of my friend Mr. Jignesh doshi (VU2TPF), i was able to attain ASOC exam on 10th Dec 2021 at Hyderabad and followed by LARC-4 – Lamakaan Anual Radio Convention that is held on 11-12 Dec 2021. both convention and exam held at same  location , Gulham Azad Hall, Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology (MJCET) Mount Pleasant, 8-2-249, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034.

Here is a some photos i have taken for my memory about the event and exam.

Becoming ham is a hobby that very few people have it, As per my research their is hardly near by 35000 licensed issued till date i am writing this post. Out of 138 crores people only few knows about it and out this few only some numbers of people takes interest about this hobbies. I am taking interest to this as i already mentioned that i love to differentiate my self from others.

Their is two type of license – 1. Restricted grade and 2. General grade. I have applied for the both and hopping for getting license of general grade as it allows me to use more power and more emission. I am now waiting for the exam result, once i receive the result i will begin my journey from SWL (Shortwave Listeners)to My own Call sign that might begin with VU2 or VU3, (VU- is represent India).

I am planning to share not only blogs but also a YouTube channels where i can share what ever i am leaning through this. I don’t want single topic to be missed on my blog or my channel. I want to grownup with my blog and I hope you guys are also with me. Thank you.  I will be right back after my result declares.

If you don’t know what is amateur radio or HAM radio means i am simply attaching one of the famous documentary that will gives you some idea about the same, Just take a look on following video.

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