Born and Death

Born and Death Happens at Every Moments of Our Life. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya

As we all knows “human is a social animal”. We as a human being wants to live in a group for the love, affection and the security motives. From the childhood we have meet the numbers of people some are very close and some are those to whom we don’t want to meet again. Our Mother, Father, Brother or Sister & Husband or Wife this are the closest relatives in our life, No one is permanently with us. One day will come when the soul of our relatives will left his/her body and that is for sure.

We are considering our self as just a body but the spiritual truth is something different. Nowadays the new field of spiritual science is start taking its place in education world. It’s also started to accepting the concepts of spirituality like aura body, rebirth, vibrations and so on.. I say that the spirituality still many step ahead that the modern science.

There is a psychology behind not accepting our self as a soul. There is no communication between the death body and living body. One side is completely unseen it doesn’t mean that there is just a once side. Those who left their body, they have never be able to connect us and hence we interpreted that he or she is no more. The incidence of leaving body is same like we left the School, Collages, Houses, Organisation, and Country.

Once the School gets over, the collage starts. Collage gets over the real life education starts, we left house we enter in to new house, we left the organization we start working in our own or someone else organization, we left one country we join another country. Even in present also we passes the present second of the time and we enter into the new second of the time. There are numbers of cells gets death and at same time & numbers of cells gets new lives in our body. The same way the soul lefts the body, It will gets the new body.

We have numbers of examples of real rebirth incidence. The Victims are belonging the different region & Religion so one thing is pretty clear that the rules of the nature is same for all human being.

So personally gives my own definition to the life is “The tenure between two things is a life, starting of the relationship is a born and once we end up relation that is death”.

So always say goodbye with smiley face. 🙂

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