Birthday is Great Opportunity to Apologize…

Birthday, on your birthday you may bombarded with the number of WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Wishes & Calls Right….!.Birthday is obviously very important for everyone, on this day we wish that our near and dear wishes us a birthday with positive greeting. When everyone start birthday wishes we find our self energetic.

I personally feel that the birthday is a great opportunity to apologize for mistakes we did in previous year. It’s Psychology that everyone consider Him/Herself as a perfect one including me too.. :), We feel that we are always right for every action we did. but here we have to think about the core psychology that is everybody has different psychology, belief, life values and personality and they will act accordingly to the particular situation. The point of view of same kind of personality will support to each other for example you may find two best friends who’s like and dislike are similar by nature.

We are social animal and we love to live together, We live in a group (family member, friends, colleagues, neighbor or relative). Group consist with the different kinds of personality, so its not necessary that the decision we have taken that is universally acceptable. Our one decision will surly going to effect to the social group directly or indirectly.

Than question arise why to sorry on the birthday only?, why to spoil our joyful day?, there are many other days too.. Why not to Apologize on any other days… Well i have answer for the same..

If you apologize to someone on your most happiest time (that is our birthday), they people will surly consider our request and you will be having opportunities to start beautiful relationship. Actually i am apologize to someone ( In case also when i don’t know my mistake) to relax my self only. I Did it today also.. those who wish me my birth day i send them thanks message including following message.

Yes… Today (12-06-2016) is my birthday, I have completed 25 years. Everybody have their own belief and principle, same way have also my own principle. I am considering my every birthday as opportunity for apologizes.

In previous year, any time anywhere – knowingly or unknowingly – directly or indirectly if I did any mistakes, if I hurt you anywhere than kindly forgive me. I deep hearty felt sorry if I did anything wrong with you.

So Sorry Dil Se….

It is giving me feeling of joy, and life is all about how we enjoy each moment of our life. Joy is all about how we make smile on others face. If a single sad relationship converts into joyful by this efforts your birthday will be most memorable.

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