Experience with Samarpan Meditation…

24th December 2006, it was the most memorable day for my life. On this day I found something that has changed my life completely. I know I can’t be able to present my complete experience in words but I will give my best to express it.

Invitation by Friend:

On 23rd of December, Saturday; I was met to my best friend Shani Divyesh. He invited me to join one spiritual event which he was attaining since last 3 days. He told me what that workshop is all about, what experience he felt there, he also stated that there were more than 1.5 lacks people participated. And then he mentioned his spiritual experience with me that he has seen the subtle body’s chakras in the gurudev’s body. It got clicked in my mind as at age of 15, I have taken the attunement of Reiki. Hence I knew how to clean aura & chakras. I had studied lots of about it since last one year. So mentally I got ready to attain that workshop. So we have decided to go together at Yogichowk, Varachha, Surat on sharp 6:00pm.

Day of Workshop:

24th December 2006, Due to some minor family conflicts my brother Rajesh and my cousin Jayesh also joined us. I still remember on road I have seen many hoardings of that workshop. We were about 0.5km away from the workshop ground, stage and projector screen were clearly visible. Workshop was about to start, One lady were sharing their spiritual experience in English. Finally we were on the entry get, on left side there was exhibition, on right side there were more than one sahitya kendra arraigned in panel.

Between workshop ground border and exhibition organizers have arranged drinking water facility. There are too many entry gates were there on left side they allow entry for females only and for right side it was for male. So we took entry from right side as per instruction by volunteer.

First time in the history I had seen that much crowd at age of 16 year. We were got place in front of projector screen. It was a day of Solar Plexus Chakra which is popularly known as a Nabhi Chakra or Manipur Chakra. H.H. Shivkrupanand Swamiji begins his lecture with the story of Ekalavya. At end of his lecture he explained the meaning of Guru Mantra.

The Experience:

After that we have started meditation, It’s begin with Guru Matra chanting which is completely open to share; you may find it on Samarpan Medtation’s official website.

When something happens with us that we never felt, our mind gets stuck. During Meditation, I felt stage of thoughtlessness along with this I also felt cool air blowing out like water waves from my both hands. In definition of Reiki we called it as positive vibrations. After completion of meditation, His holiness had mentioned the same thing.

This experience has given me a new vision to my life. This experience inspired me to see every aspect of life from the spiritual point of view.

Then after, I had attained all the days of the workshop. Entire workshop has proven to give me a new born. I was felt lightness on my body like air balloons. I were got free from the all the past worries (May be including past lives too).

Its about 9 years since I am part with Samarpan Meditation. I feel my self luckiest to be disciple of H.H. Shivkrupanad Swamiji. As per my own opinion this is the best meditation technique on our planet that connect everybody at human level.

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