Executive Assistant to Chairman – My First Job.

Anything which happens first time in our life, we remember it for life time. For example our first crush, first teacher, first girl friend, first friend, first job, first business and so on. This is memory treasure that we never want to forget. Here I would like to share one of the first time experiences about my first job interview in S.R.Luthra Institute of Management.

About S.R.Luthra Institute of Management:

SRLIM (Smt. Shardarani Rameshchander Luthra Institute of Management) is Manage by Sarvajanik Education Society (SES) trust which is established in 1912. SRLIM is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad.

On 7th July 2015, SRLIM proved to be a leading placement collage in Surat as far as Management studies concern. Leading Gujarati news paper has covers news about the placement report for 2015. Since last 3 year this collage has achieved more than 85% ratio in placement. Out of 168 students 155 got placement this year.

The interview:

On 4th Feb 2014, Mr. Nirav Mandir (HR office), Mr. Jatin Jolapara (Operations and Marketing), Mr. Ram Pavthawala (Finance and Accounts) and Mr. Vijay Gevariya (CA and Account Executive) of Shree Ramkrishna Export Pvt. Ltd. came for the pre-placement talk.

There were 111 students were there out of which 83 students were applied for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Luckily I had cleared both the test. Ultimately there were 37 students were shortlisted for the finance, marketing and H.R. post. I was belonging to marketing post.

They need total 10 candidates for job. So again organization arranged Group Discussion at their empire on 8th Feb 2014. They gave us topic B2B & B2C to marketing students. 16 students were got selected, again luck accompany me I was one of them.

Again they called all 16 students on 11th Feb 2014 for panel personal interview at SRK Empire.

Question and Answer during Personal Interview.

Umesh, Tell Me About Your Self?

I am Umesh Tarsariya, belonging to Katargam. I had completed my schooling in Surat Education Society. After that I had completed my graduation in B.B.A stream from S.V.Patel Collage of Computer Science and Business Administration which is also located in Katargam. Currently I am pursuing Master degree of MBA with Marketing.A part from this, I am Author and Founder of tips via blogging. I have begin it in 2009 As a part of hobby. He also asked question

“What it tips via blogging is all about?”

I replied, It’s about blogging like how to create a blog, how to integrate social media with it, how to optimize is in search engine, how to add widget inside blog etc.

Tell Me About Your Family?

We are living in Katargam area. basically we are belonging to Prajapati cast and we are from Bhavnagar, but we migrated here in Surat since last 30-35 years. We are total 7 people in our family. Currently my father and my brother are two main source of income.

What Your Father and Brother Doing?

Both are belonging to diamond industry. My father working on the Russian butter machine in small factory near to my home and my brother working in Harikrina Export as XXX full diamond polisher.

Your Father & Brother working somewhere else than why you would like to join our company?

Before 30-35 year, We were living in Bhavnagar, Saurastra & we were a farmer. Just because of diamond we migrated to Surat. We were started diamond business & it was expanded to 20 polishing wheels but due to 2008 recession we were unable to survive. So, Due to diamond, We migrated from Bhavnagar to Surat. Think if diamond is not exist in that case I were somewhere working in a farm of Sauratra. Even i were not be able to get this higher education and not be seated in front of you.So, For me associating myself with diamonds matters a lot. Diamond is emotion for me not a firm.

Tell us About Your Internship Projects?

I had worked on live project “Building blog for offers4u” it is a unit of U&I Resource Pvt. Ltd. for this project they people has given be appreciation latter, I have bring it with me if you want to see it I can show you. We are also working on project “Creating Awareness About “AddShareSale.com ” Among Sellers & Suppliers Through “ Virtual Storefronts” at D&K Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat” We are also preparing Global Country Report (GCR) on Agriculture and Processed Food Industry of Morocco Country.

Are You Single?

I am engaged.

If You gets Select, Are You Ready to Shift to Mumbai?

Yes, I am 100% ready.

What if Your Partner will not Ready to Shift?

I had just a talk with her, She is also ready to co-operate with me.

What if she denied to move after marriage what then?

I replied, I have full faith on her, she will not to that. They replied “We also want that, but probability is there…” I again replied “Than it will become my personal problem and i have to deal with it personally.”

We already have marketing team, definite numbers of client base, how will you help us in our business?

I have seen your companies presentation, We are telling to world that our company is multinational, we have XYZ figure of turnover.Today world knows that 92% of diamonds polished in Surat. and most of diamonds industries are working is Katargam area. So world knows where the diamonds are gets polished right. So, I had searched in google with keyword “Buy diamonds from Surat”. I was surprised our website is not even on the 10th page. I know SEO, If we working on that aspect than surly we will be able to gain more clients. Have you seen our website, Any suggestions for that?Yes, I had studied it, It is lacking with a blog. Blog is very much useful for search engine optimization.

Define Marketing in Two Sentence ?

In my own terminology… First of all, Love your product and make others to love it.

Overall this interview was quite relaxing and interesting. Ultimately out of 87 students 10 students got placement in Shree Ramkrishna Export Pvt. Ltd. My luckiest wight shirt and black pent shows it’s magic and finally I got eligible for training. 🙂 It’s become the memorable thing to me as it was my first corporate interview.


SRK Export is one of the leading diamond polishing firm in India. As we were belonging to marketing stream, they have provided us training of grading diamonds for the 3 months in SRK Institute of Diamonds.

Become Executive Assistant to Chairman:

On 16th June 2014, I still recall that day. It was a day of monsoon. We were too much excited on that day as we were about to get a news for final and conformation about placement. We had three probability 1. Mumbai Office (Online Selling) 2. Jewel Goldi (Jewelry unit) & 3. Peacock technology ( IT firm).

So, I was got ready with my luckiest Wight shirt and Black pant. But Suddenly I met with an incident; My bike got slip in parking basement. My left hand were full of blood. As medical facility was available within promises so I got treatment inside firm. I got three stitches on palm of left hand. But it was very important day for me, I didn’t left organization.

Finally time came, Shreyans Dholakia (Owner/Director of IT and Marketing & PR at Shree Ramkrishna Export), son of Shri Govind Dholakia had called us in conference room. Shri Govindbhai Dholakia is a founder and chairman of SRK. I knew this family very well. Govind Dholakia is very prestigious name in the society.

It was my turn; Shreyansbhai called me inside conference room and offered me to become Executive Assistant of his father. My mind got completely blank at that time as the things happens to me that i never imagine. There was no probability to denied this job for me. I was E.A to chairman Shri Govind Dholakia.

I was there for a year and learned lot many lessons on this designation. If you really want to know it than you have to subscribe me through email, I will going to publish complete article for that soon.

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