A Teacher can change a lives.

Teacher is one the most important base for forming society. In our India, master and disciple tradition exist from the many centuries. Masters are playing very important role in life of their disciples. They are actually transit their saturate into their followers, they always search for right disciple who adopt their skills and expertise.

There is one saying in Gujarati…..

“Baare Buddhi, Sole Saan, Ane Vise Van- Aavya to Aavya Nahitar Gayaa…”

It means that at age of 12th child gets intelligence, at age of 16th they get knowledge of behavior and at age of 20th they get glow on face. If this things didn’t come in definite age than it will never unfold in entire life. 🙂 🙂 🙂

As we know that youth are the future assets of our society and hence we as family or society have to invest this assets in such a manner so as its gives the sizable amount of returns.

There are three major factors I have found that is influencing on their minds on children on the given age period…

  1. Family.
  2. Teachers.
  3. Friends Circle.

Out of these factors, Teachers are highly influencing factor. Students are like empty book, they can influence them to write anything into it.

Teacher is like a sun. It gives the same light to each and everybody without any biases. In my opinion, input of the teacher is highly effects on the society as they transit the cultural values to students. And culture is the base on which the entire society or nation exists.

Everyone are considering them self as a special one or they have special identity on this planet, and hence the first and foremost things required is recognize their values. If teachers motivates students to enhance their skills and expertise in the respective fields at schooling age than defiantly it will converts into the biggest contribution to the society. This efforts is like a small investment for the society which will gives the biggest amount of returns including interest :p.

I would like to share one of the most life changing memorable day that help me to build confidence inside me.

After completion of my schooling life, I had chosen B.B.A management stream. In this field I had face a completely a new group of classmates. No one knows each other, there are hardly few past classmates were there. Around 250-300 students were seated in a classroom for group discussion.

Suddenly, Pinal madam (Yes, I remember her name 🙂 ) pointing a guy in the left side corner of classroom. she said “Boy in a blue t-shirt come forward for Group Discussion”, OMG… It was me 😕 . I were got Feared o_O . But this one small event becomes the most memorable thinks for my entire life. She gives the topic “Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage”. I was on the side of arranged marriage. First time in the history I had spoken openly in front of such a crowd, it gives me too much motivation to push myself again and again in such situation. For the world it is normal thing might be for her also. But for me, it was the most memorable event.

I don’t know whether she know this or not, But her small efforts has changed my life. At presently, I am not hesitate to speak on the stage just because her. She fills confidence inside me that “everyone are the same, everyone has opportunity to grow them self.” I were like camphor, who was waiting for the touch of fire to lightening them self. For me without her small attempt it was not possible.

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