Not Just Listening, Implications Brings Results..

Any information is useless until it’s gets implemented. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya


“Only listening is not enough” that what i feel. Many a time in my life I also face this stage where I listen to someone and I realize whatever that person is speaking is true and should be implemented and will gives 100% positive results, but my laziness doesn’t allow me to do that.

I have studied one things in my life…

The things which consumes time we feel laziness in that particular task, For example

we know doing exercises regularly is good for health but as its consume lots of time for result, we avoid exercises.

homeopathy vs allopathy, We prefers allopathy as its gives fastest recovery compared to homeopathy or ayurvedic medicines.

Studies, study regularly will gives good results in exam, but as study daily result in long run, we avoid it. Our mind says we will study all this thing.

So the basic question here is “what is the use of such information for us as our self?” No use, Until we act on that…!

There are very few people who use such information for act, believe me this kind of people are full of confidence and energy as that feeling that “I am one of those few people who has control on their laziness” gives them power to differentiate them self from lazy people.

I strongly believes that one must have any single habit which they do with full joy “REGULARLY”. This habit leads to confidence and the person who has confidence is called “the half battle winner”

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