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સમય થી શીખ…

છેલ્લા થોડા સમય થી સમય વિશે ખૂબ જ અધ્યયન ચાલી રહ્યું છે. અત્યાર સુધી સમય વિશે આપણે કેટલું જાણીએ છીએ તેમ છતાં હજુ પણ કંઈક બાકી છે જાણવાનું એવું લાગી રહ્યું છે. આ દુનિયા લાખો અને કરોડો વર્ષો થી ચાલતી આવી છે. અને કદાચ આ સમયની પ્રગતિ એના થી પહેલા થી ચાલતી આવતી હશે. આવા લાખો અને કરોડો વર્ષો સામે આપણું જીવન કેટલું ? 60 વર્ષ, 70 વર્ષ કે વધી ને 100 વર્ષ કે જે સમય સામે કંઈજ નથી. અને આજ સુધી કેટકેટલીય મોટી ઘટનાઓ બની હશે જેમકે કુદરતી કે… Read More

“Women’s Day”

Women’s Day is not just about to talk, it’s about to co-operate – Umeshkumar Tarsariya. Friends, Today is Women’s Day. I got a lot of messages about it through social media. And I feel like I should also present my personal thoughts on women’s day, and this blog can be the best suitable medium for that.

Be a child….

Wants to be happy??? – Awake a child within you… -Umeshkumar Tarsariya Have you ever seen playing a small child? Obviously we’ve all seen it. What is the reason that the mind becomes blossoming when you are watching your child playing? One of the characteristics of a child is that it is always an introvert. He is always busy with his own happiness. A child is unaware of the situation around him, he is playing in his own world. Children are to be the closest of nature. And we all… Read More

A Pure and Holy Gift – Bhagwat Gita.

What can be a pure and holy gift in marriage? 5/2/2018 It was my wedding day and my wedding reception was on 7/2/2018. Just like everyone receives a reception gifts, I get greetings, gift, etc. There is one of the most concentrated events in all things – that is a Bhagavat Gita, I received as a Gift. Actually, Since last few years it was my wish to buy Bhagwat Gita. And I got it as a Gift. Bhagavat Gita is a scripture that can not be measured with physical values…. Read More

Interview Preparation…

We have observed from childhood that our aspiration and desire frequently gets changes on different age. Like in childhood we want gain admission in the best school of the society. At age of maturity its gets changed, now we want to get admission in best collage of our nation, state or city. Once collage is about to gets complete, we want job in reputed companies with tagline like Multi-nation, Leading in country and so on.. than we looking for best life partner, shelter, family, society and lastly it’s gets end… Read More

Executive Assistant to Chairman – My First Job.

Anything which happens first time in our life, we remember it for life time. For example our first crush, first teacher, first girl friend, first friend, first job, first business and so on. This is memory treasure that we never want to forget. Here I would like to share one of the first time experiences about my first job interview in S.R.Luthra Institute of Management. About S.R.Luthra Institute of Management: SRLIM (Smt. Shardarani Rameshchander Luthra Institute of Management) is Manage by Sarvajanik Education Society (SES) trust which is established in… Read More

Experience with Samarpan Meditation…

24th December 2006, it was the most memorable day for my life. On this day I found something that has changed my life completely. I know I can’t be able to present my complete experience in words but I will give my best to express it. Invitation by Friend: On 23rd of December, Saturday; I was met to my best friend Shani Divyesh. He invited me to join one spiritual event which he was attaining since last 3 days. He told me what that workshop is all about, what experience… Read More

A Teacher can change a lives.

Teacher is one the most important base for forming society. In our India, master and disciple tradition exist from the many centuries. Masters are playing very important role in life of their disciples. They are actually transit their saturate into their followers, they always search for right disciple who adopt their skills and expertise. There is one saying in Gujarati….. “Baare Buddhi, Sole Saan, Ane Vise Van- Aavya to Aavya Nahitar Gayaa…” It means that at age of 12th child gets intelligence, at age of 16th they get knowledge of… Read More

Yoga, Just a Physical Exercise?

21st June 2016 is the first International Day of Yoga. History has evidence; India is considered the pioneer of a spiritual revolution. Ancient India has given a many gifts to the world in field of spirituality. Yoga is one of the best gift from that treasure. Celebration the day of yoga, it is really a very the revolutionary decision for spiritual progress. And of being an Indian, I can say with pride that celebrating International Yoga Day is begins by India, This was a liability which is successfully fulfilled. Yoga… Read More