Interview Preparation…

We have observed from childhood that our aspiration and desire frequently gets changes on different age. Like in childhood we want gain admission in the best school of the society. At age of maturity its gets changed, now we want to get admission in best collage of our nation, state or city. Once collage is about to gets complete, we want job in reputed companies with tagline like Multi-nation, Leading in country and so on.. than we looking for best life partner, shelter, family, society and lastly it’s gets end with the peaceful death.

You are on this page so let me assume probability that in 90% of case you may fall under age of 20-25 Right..! Might be possible that you are about to opt for your fist job interview. Here you will find the simple and effective tips which I had followed to cleared my first job interview. I hope this might be helpful to you.

So rather than writing too many tips, i will drag few simple tips by which you will be able crack interview in smoothest way.

Research work:

It is one of the stupidest decisions to go without weapons on the battlefield. By weapons I don’t mean you brings guns and bombs with you :P. It’s a sign language. Before interview we have to prepare our self enough to face any kind of damn situation. for that we have to work on following aspect.

Company Information:Visit company’s website, Product (B2B or B2C) & its Process, Presentation, S.B.U (Sub Business Unit), Social Corporate Responsibility, Total Number of employees & Its competitors. By gathering this information you will gets the insides about how company works? what are job opportunities are there? It will also going to help you to differentiate yourself from other.
Industry Information:SWOT analyses will help you to gets insides about entire industry. A company’s decisions are highly influence on the scenario of the industry. If you study this aspect than you will surely be able to give strategic answer to your interviewer.
Statistical data:Gather the statistical data and learn it by rote. While you face G.D. (Group Discussion) or P.I. (Personal Interview) apply this knowledge by your shrewdness. It will helps you to establish your strong foundation to be get scrutinize in job interview.

Strategy Formulation:

You might have seen ancient story of Ramayan and Mahabharat..!!.Warrior has taken attunement how to use different weapons but they were instructed to choose any one weapon in which they enkindle their expertise.

Here you have to analyze about your own self. You are about to compete with your own classmates. You might be aware about the different expertise of your friends and classmate. To beat the competition and stay ahead of the crowd you have to identify what are your strong points and once you identify it than try to enhance it.

For example, I had used my blogging & Digital marketing knowledge as a weapon. No one will find such combination:- blogger with MBA. The organization has identified multiple skills inside me and hence this helps me to get first job by first trail :).

Suggestion: Don’t share your strategy with others (If you have such expertise which required lots of time for others to grip over it then it’s okay to share.)

physical Apparel:

First Impression is the last impression, there will too many applications pending on the desk of interviewers, one single mistake will be prove to through out your application in the dustbin. By observing mistakes they will firstly think: “If he/she is not worried about their self to gain job then how will they take care our organization?”

There are two aspects which creates your first impression:

Your Outfit: Wear comfortable professional dresses, for that you will find numbers of examples just search in google with keyword “Job Interview Outfit”. Your apparel will surely gives you different kind of support to build confidence inside you.

Your Resume: Your Bio-data must be neat and clean, don’t add unnecessary or false information. It must be eye catchy and well formatted. Avoid spelling mistakes, you may take advice from your faculties for the same.

Preparation for Q&A:

Every interview will have one to one or panel interview round. Here you will be bombarded with numbers of questions.

Positive and Negative Factors of Organization:

As you have already studied lots of about the organization and industry so note down positive aspect and negative aspect of the firm. Predict the question that you are about to face and form answer in your mind before interview. The question will not be same as per your prediction but believe me it will help you to answer all the questions which will going to ask by interviewer.

Improvement Area and Opportunities for Organization:

You have studied strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of the organization and its industry. Let me assume that you are ready with your strategies. So now it’s time to integrate both the thing together. Any firm will hire only and only when they find uniqueness inside you. Identify where the firm is lacking behind, and suggest them that you will going to help them to overcome on such area. Anyhow you have to communicate this thing in mind of your interview.

Preparation for Group Discussion:

Well this is all about luck by chance, here just you need to focus on not to speak anything illogical. One wrong input will create bad impression.

Keep in mind supporting good points & respect of other’s points are also going add value to your profile. One strong logical point can help you to crack your group discussion.

While participating in GD, you may find that someone try to stop you, but don’t hesitate to request them: “let me finish first” with courtesy. Believe me this will create good impression on interviewer.


Without input expecting output is the biggest superstition, same way self-confidence is outcome of your input. Believe me if you have worked on above mentioned tips than you will never find your self confidenceless. Confidence is key of success.

Executive Assistant to Chairman – My First Job.

Anything which happens first time in our life, we remember it for life time. For example our first crush, first teacher, first girl friend, first friend, first job, first business and so on. This is memory treasure that we never want to forget. Here I would like to share one of the first time experiences about my first job interview in S.R.Luthra Institute of Management.

About S.R.Luthra Institute of Management:

SRLIM (Smt. Shardarani Rameshchander Luthra Institute of Management) is Manage by Sarvajanik Education Society (SES) trust which is established in 1912. SRLIM is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad.

On 7th July 2015, SRLIM proved to be a leading placement collage in Surat as far as Management studies concern. Leading Gujarati news paper has covers news about the placement report for 2015. Since last 3 year this collage has achieved more than 85% ratio in placement. Out of 168 students 155 got placement this year.

The interview:

On 4th Feb 2014, Mr. Nirav Mandir (HR office), Mr. Jatin Jolapara (Operations and Marketing), Mr. Ram Pavthawala (Finance and Accounts) and Mr. Vijay Gevariya (CA and Account Executive) of Shree Ramkrishna Export Pvt. Ltd. came for the pre-placement talk.

There were 111 students were there out of which 83 students were applied for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Luckily I had cleared both the test. Ultimately there were 37 students were shortlisted for the finance, marketing and H.R. post. I was belonging to marketing post.

They need total 10 candidates for job. So again organization arranged Group Discussion at their empire on 8th Feb 2014. They gave us topic B2B & B2C to marketing students. 16 students were got selected, again luck accompany me I was one of them.

Again they called all 16 students on 11th Feb 2014 for panel personal interview at SRK Empire.

Question and Answer during Personal Interview.

Umesh, Tell Me About Your Self?

I am Umesh Tarsariya, belonging to Katargam. I had completed my schooling in Surat Education Society. After that I had completed my graduation in B.B.A stream from S.V.Patel Collage of Computer Science and Business Administration which is also located in Katargam. Currently I am pursuing Master degree of MBA with Marketing.A part from this, I am Author and Founder of tips via blogging. I have begin it in 2009 As a part of hobby. He also asked question

“What it tips via blogging is all about?”

I replied, It’s about blogging like how to create a blog, how to integrate social media with it, how to optimize is in search engine, how to add widget inside blog etc.

Tell Me About Your Family?

We are living in Katargam area. basically we are belonging to Prajapati cast and we are from Bhavnagar, but we migrated here in Surat since last 30-35 years. We are total 7 people in our family. Currently my father and my brother are two main source of income.

What Your Father and Brother Doing?

Both are belonging to diamond industry. My father working on the Russian butter machine in small factory near to my home and my brother working in Harikrina Export as XXX full diamond polisher.

Your Father & Brother working somewhere else than why you would like to join our company?

Before 30-35 year, We were living in Bhavnagar, Saurastra & we were a farmer. Just because of diamond we migrated to Surat. We were started diamond business & it was expanded to 20 polishing wheels but due to 2008 recession we were unable to survive. So, Due to diamond, We migrated from Bhavnagar to Surat. Think if diamond is not exist in that case I were somewhere working in a farm of Sauratra. Even i were not be able to get this higher education and not be seated in front of you.So, For me associating myself with diamonds matters a lot. Diamond is emotion for me not a firm.

Tell us About Your Internship Projects?

I had worked on live project “Building blog for offers4u” it is a unit of U&I Resource Pvt. Ltd. for this project they people has given be appreciation latter, I have bring it with me if you want to see it I can show you. We are also working on project “Creating Awareness About “ ” Among Sellers & Suppliers Through “ Virtual Storefronts” at D&K Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat” We are also preparing Global Country Report (GCR) on Agriculture and Processed Food Industry of Morocco Country.

Are You Single?

I am engaged.

If You gets Select, Are You Ready to Shift to Mumbai?

Yes, I am 100% ready.

What if Your Partner will not Ready to Shift?

I had just a talk with her, She is also ready to co-operate with me.

What if she denied to move after marriage what then?

I replied, I have full faith on her, she will not to that. They replied “We also want that, but probability is there…” I again replied “Than it will become my personal problem and i have to deal with it personally.”

We already have marketing team, definite numbers of client base, how will you help us in our business?

I have seen your companies presentation, We are telling to world that our company is multinational, we have XYZ figure of turnover.Today world knows that 92% of diamonds polished in Surat. and most of diamonds industries are working is Katargam area. So world knows where the diamonds are gets polished right. So, I had searched in google with keyword “Buy diamonds from Surat”. I was surprised our website is not even on the 10th page. I know SEO, If we working on that aspect than surly we will be able to gain more clients. Have you seen our website, Any suggestions for that?Yes, I had studied it, It is lacking with a blog. Blog is very much useful for search engine optimization.

Define Marketing in Two Sentence ?

In my own terminology… First of all, Love your product and make others to love it.

Overall this interview was quite relaxing and interesting. Ultimately out of 87 students 10 students got placement in Shree Ramkrishna Export Pvt. Ltd. My luckiest wight shirt and black pent shows it’s magic and finally I got eligible for training. 🙂 It’s become the memorable thing to me as it was my first corporate interview.


SRK Export is one of the leading diamond polishing firm in India. As we were belonging to marketing stream, they have provided us training of grading diamonds for the 3 months in SRK Institute of Diamonds.

Become Executive Assistant to Chairman:

On 16th June 2014, I still recall that day. It was a day of monsoon. We were too much excited on that day as we were about to get a news for final and conformation about placement. We had three probability 1. Mumbai Office (Online Selling) 2. Jewel Goldi (Jewelry unit) & 3. Peacock technology ( IT firm).

So, I was got ready with my luckiest Wight shirt and Black pant. But Suddenly I met with an incident; My bike got slip in parking basement. My left hand were full of blood. As medical facility was available within promises so I got treatment inside firm. I got three stitches on palm of left hand. But it was very important day for me, I didn’t left organization.

Finally time came, Shreyans Dholakia (Owner/Director of IT and Marketing & PR at Shree Ramkrishna Export), son of Shri Govind Dholakia had called us in conference room. Shri Govindbhai Dholakia is a founder and chairman of SRK. I knew this family very well. Govind Dholakia is very prestigious name in the society.

It was my turn; Shreyansbhai called me inside conference room and offered me to become Executive Assistant of his father. My mind got completely blank at that time as the things happens to me that i never imagine. There was no probability to denied this job for me. I was E.A to chairman Shri Govind Dholakia.

I was there for a year and learned lot many lessons on this designation. If you really want to know it than you have to subscribe me through email, I will going to publish complete article for that soon.

Experience with Samarpan Meditation…

24th December 2006, it was the most memorable day for my life. On this day I found something that has changed my life completely. I know I can’t be able to present my complete experience in words but I will give my best to express it.

Invitation by Friend:

On 23rd of December, Saturday; I was met to my best friend Shani Divyesh. He invited me to join one spiritual event which he was attaining since last 3 days. He told me what that workshop is all about, what experience he felt there, he also stated that there were more than 1.5 lacks people participated. And then he mentioned his spiritual experience with me that he has seen the subtle body’s chakras in the gurudev’s body. It got clicked in my mind as at age of 15, I have taken the attunement of Reiki. Hence I knew how to clean aura & chakras. I had studied lots of about it since last one year. So mentally I got ready to attain that workshop. So we have decided to go together at Yogichowk, Varachha, Surat on sharp 6:00pm.

Day of Workshop:

24th December 2006, Due to some minor family conflicts my brother Rajesh and my cousin Jayesh also joined us. I still remember on road I have seen many hoardings of that workshop. We were about 0.5km away from the workshop ground, stage and projector screen were clearly visible. Workshop was about to start, One lady were sharing their spiritual experience in English. Finally we were on the entry get, on left side there was exhibition, on right side there were more than one sahitya kendra arraigned in panel.

Between workshop ground border and exhibition organizers have arranged drinking water facility. There are too many entry gates were there on left side they allow entry for females only and for right side it was for male. So we took entry from right side as per instruction by volunteer.

First time in the history I had seen that much crowd at age of 16 year. We were got place in front of projector screen. It was a day of Solar Plexus Chakra which is popularly known as a Nabhi Chakra or Manipur Chakra. H.H. Shivkrupanand Swamiji begins his lecture with the story of Ekalavya. At end of his lecture he explained the meaning of Guru Mantra.

The Experience:

After that we have started meditation, It’s begin with Guru Matra chanting which is completely open to share; you may find it on Samarpan Medtation’s official website.

When something happens with us that we never felt, our mind gets stuck. During Meditation, I felt stage of thoughtlessness along with this I also felt cool air blowing out like water waves from my both hands. In definition of Reiki we called it as positive vibrations. After completion of meditation, His holiness had mentioned the same thing.

This experience has given me a new vision to my life. This experience inspired me to see every aspect of life from the spiritual point of view.

Then after, I had attained all the days of the workshop. Entire workshop has proven to give me a new born. I was felt lightness on my body like air balloons. I were got free from the all the past worries (May be including past lives too).

Its about 9 years since I am part with Samarpan Meditation. I feel my self luckiest to be disciple of H.H. Shivkrupanad Swamiji. As per my own opinion this is the best meditation technique on our planet that connect everybody at human level.

A Teacher can change a lives.

Teacher is one the most important base for forming society. In our India, master and disciple tradition exist from the many centuries. Masters are playing very important role in life of their disciples. They are actually transit their saturate into their followers, they always search for right disciple who adopt their skills and expertise.

There is one saying in Gujarati…..

“Baare Buddhi, Sole Saan, Ane Vise Van- Aavya to Aavya Nahitar Gayaa…”

It means that at age of 12th child gets intelligence, at age of 16th they get knowledge of behavior and at age of 20th they get glow on face. If this things didn’t come in definite age than it will never unfold in entire life. 🙂 🙂 🙂

As we know that youth are the future assets of our society and hence we as family or society have to invest this assets in such a manner so as its gives the sizable amount of returns.

There are three major factors I have found that is influencing on their minds on children on the given age period…

  1. Family.
  2. Teachers.
  3. Friends Circle.

Out of these factors, Teachers are highly influencing factor. Students are like empty book, they can influence them to write anything into it.

Teacher is like a sun. It gives the same light to each and everybody without any biases. In my opinion, input of the teacher is highly effects on the society as they transit the cultural values to students. And culture is the base on which the entire society or nation exists.

Everyone are considering them self as a special one or they have special identity on this planet, and hence the first and foremost things required is recognize their values. If teachers motivates students to enhance their skills and expertise in the respective fields at schooling age than defiantly it will converts into the biggest contribution to the society. This efforts is like a small investment for the society which will gives the biggest amount of returns including interest :p.

I would like to share one of the most life changing memorable day that help me to build confidence inside me.

After completion of my schooling life, I had chosen B.B.A management stream. In this field I had face a completely a new group of classmates. No one knows each other, there are hardly few past classmates were there. Around 250-300 students were seated in a classroom for group discussion.

Suddenly, Pinal madam (Yes, I remember her name 🙂 ) pointing a guy in the left side corner of classroom. she said “Boy in a blue t-shirt come forward for Group Discussion”, OMG… It was me 😕 . I were got Feared o_O . But this one small event becomes the most memorable thinks for my entire life. She gives the topic “Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage”. I was on the side of arranged marriage. First time in the history I had spoken openly in front of such a crowd, it gives me too much motivation to push myself again and again in such situation. For the world it is normal thing might be for her also. But for me, it was the most memorable event.

I don’t know whether she know this or not, But her small efforts has changed my life. At presently, I am not hesitate to speak on the stage just because her. She fills confidence inside me that “everyone are the same, everyone has opportunity to grow them self.” I were like camphor, who was waiting for the touch of fire to lightening them self. For me without her small attempt it was not possible.

Yoga, Just a Physical Exercise?

21st June 2016 is the first International Day of Yoga. History has evidence; India is considered the pioneer of a spiritual revolution. Ancient India has given a many gifts to the world in field of spirituality. Yoga is one of the best gift from that treasure.

Celebration the day of yoga, it is really a very the revolutionary decision for spiritual progress. And of being an Indian, I can say with pride that celebrating International Yoga Day is begins by India, This was a liability which is successfully fulfilled.

Yoga is discovered by ancient Hindu masters. But it doesn’t mean that yoga is just for Hinduism only. Any new invention is invent by any human on this earth, is for the entire human being. No matter, whether it is related to material world or spiritual world. For example, Thomas Edison has invented a bulb. He didn’t limit this discovery to himself only but he gifted it to the world. It Might be possible that you are able to read this article just because of his innovation.

Currently Entire world is looking yoga as just a physical exercise; this is not the fault of those people. They people are highly influence by the campaigns which are running on various communication media like television & News paper. Is as like as describing elephant by studying its tail only : p. I am not telling that they people are wrong, but I will say that they people are partially right.

Lets focus on the definition of the yoga

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means “to join” or “to yoke”.

Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji has explain the its meaning in his message.

He Wrote in his Message…

The ordinary man gives primacy to physical feelings in his life. But the ‘yogi’ does not live like that and his life is lived with feelings at the soul level. The yogi gives primacy to the soul and feelings of the soul in his life. At present in society, importance is given only to one aspect of yoga, that is, ‘physical health’. This is only the first step of ‘yoga’. It is not in the best interests of human beings to practice yoga only to make our body beautiful and shapely, because by doing this we are giving importance only to the body, which is totally against ‘yoga’. The soul is of prime importance in ‘yoga’. Many people practise ‘yoga’ only because they want to make their body shapely and it becomes shapely too; but because the spiritual ‘chitta’ is on the physical body, the ‘chitta’ gets destroyed. This is because we place our spiritual chitta on the perishable body and that gives rise to mental problems. And mental health is also necessary together with physical health. The World Health organisation (WHO) has defined health as physical health together with mental health.

You may read entire message just download it by clicking on above link.

All the though i have presented here is highly influence by this message only and hence all the credits of this articles are in fever of samarpan meditation.

Birthday is Great Opportunity to Apologize…

Birthday, on your birthday you may bombarded with the number of WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Wishes & Calls Right….!.Birthday is obviously very important for everyone, on this day we wish that our near and dear wishes us a birthday with positive greeting. When everyone start birthday wishes we find our self energetic.

I personally feel that the birthday is a great opportunity to apologize for mistakes we did in previous year. It’s Psychology that everyone consider Him/Herself as a perfect one including me too.. :), We feel that we are always right for every action we did. but here we have to think about the core psychology that is everybody has different psychology, belief, life values and personality and they will act accordingly to the particular situation. The point of view of same kind of personality will support to each other for example you may find two best friends who’s like and dislike are similar by nature.

We are social animal and we love to live together, We live in a group (family member, friends, colleagues, neighbor or relative). Group consist with the different kinds of personality, so its not necessary that the decision we have taken that is universally acceptable. Our one decision will surly going to effect to the social group directly or indirectly.

Than question arise why to sorry on the birthday only?, why to spoil our joyful day?, there are many other days too.. Why not to Apologize on any other days… Well i have answer for the same..

If you apologize to someone on your most happiest time (that is our birthday), they people will surly consider our request and you will be having opportunities to start beautiful relationship. Actually i am apologize to someone ( In case also when i don’t know my mistake) to relax my self only. I Did it today also.. those who wish me my birth day i send them thanks message including following message.

Yes… Today (12-06-2016) is my birthday, I have completed 25 years. Everybody have their own belief and principle, same way have also my own principle. I am considering my every birthday as opportunity for apologizes.

In previous year, any time anywhere – knowingly or unknowingly – directly or indirectly if I did any mistakes, if I hurt you anywhere than kindly forgive me. I deep hearty felt sorry if I did anything wrong with you.

So Sorry Dil Se….

It is giving me feeling of joy, and life is all about how we enjoy each moment of our life. Joy is all about how we make smile on others face. If a single sad relationship converts into joyful by this efforts your birthday will be most memorable.

Skills and Capabilities…

Skills and Capabilities both like power generator for success. We should never compromise with that. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya

“Successful person never compromise with their skills and capabilities.”

As a management student, I am always observing how the successful people works, how the act and how the behave with their employee. By this observation, I found one characteristics of such people and that is “Successful person never compromise with their skills and capabilities.”

Every human being on our planet has their own core competency in relevant interest area. But think if they are kept in cage, will they able to enhance their skill or will it be beneficial to someone else as per expectation? Your answer will surly no.. Right?

For the a seed only fertile land is not enough. To grownup from seed to tree it must required external source like proper sunlight, proper space & proper gardener, only seed cannot be able to do anything.

By correlating our self with a seed, we are far luckiest than it. Seed is non living object, so it has no option for selecting proper gardeners, it can’t say that they need sunlight or space. There is hardly little probability for the seed to get such environment to fulfill its life’s purpose. We have choice of selecting fertile land, a good gardener, proper space to grownup. Don’t be like non living object.

Whether you are on a job, business or any kind of damn situation always gives the priorities to your skills and capabilities. If you find yourself in such situation where by your talent, skills & capabilities gets demoralize left that place or fight for justice. There is nothing wrong in it. It is the most stupid decision to remain employee where your skills & capability don’t get enhancement. Our skills and capabilities are those things by which we are able to sustain our existence on this earth.

Born and Death

Born and Death Happens at Every Moments of Our Life. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya

As we all knows “human is a social animal”. We as a human being wants to live in a group for the love, affection and the security motives. From the childhood we have meet the numbers of people some are very close and some are those to whom we don’t want to meet again. Our Mother, Father, Brother or Sister & Husband or Wife this are the closest relatives in our life, No one is permanently with us. One day will come when the soul of our relatives will left his/her body and that is for sure.

We are considering our self as just a body but the spiritual truth is something different. Nowadays the new field of spiritual science is start taking its place in education world. It’s also started to accepting the concepts of spirituality like aura body, rebirth, vibrations and so on.. I say that the spirituality still many step ahead that the modern science.

There is a psychology behind not accepting our self as a soul. There is no communication between the death body and living body. One side is completely unseen it doesn’t mean that there is just a once side. Those who left their body, they have never be able to connect us and hence we interpreted that he or she is no more. The incidence of leaving body is same like we left the School, Collages, Houses, Organisation, and Country.

Once the School gets over, the collage starts. Collage gets over the real life education starts, we left house we enter in to new house, we left the organization we start working in our own or someone else organization, we left one country we join another country. Even in present also we passes the present second of the time and we enter into the new second of the time. There are numbers of cells gets death and at same time & numbers of cells gets new lives in our body. The same way the soul lefts the body, It will gets the new body.

We have numbers of examples of real rebirth incidence. The Victims are belonging the different region & Religion so one thing is pretty clear that the rules of the nature is same for all human being.

So personally gives my own definition to the life is “The tenure between two things is a life, starting of the relationship is a born and once we end up relation that is death”.

So always say goodbye with smiley face. 🙂

Acceptance of Reality….

Progress is not possible without acceptance of reality of belief. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya

It is inner nature of humans that he is always trying to prove himself right. Sometimes this belief of life seems to have the opposite effect. This can be interior and exterior too. Interior refers to the self-soul level while exterior refers to one person to another person. Whatever interior is, will surly reflect on exterior.

“Negativity is cannibalistic. The more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it grows.” — Bobby Darnell

See, I know that when we approach to some people to make them awake about their wrong belief, he or she will surly reject to accept it as for them all their beliefs are right. This is very crucial thing as no one is ready for acceptance of reality as he or she is bounded with wrong belief. This belief will get more strengthen with the tenure. The more is tenure duration, more difficulties will arise for acceptance of reality.

Let’s understand this thing through example, A man holding a stone in a hand for around one or two decade believing that it is a stone of diamond. One day, a stone identification expert lady came to him and says him that “This is not a diamond; it is just a normal stone“. Than what will happen, will be he ready to accept it? No… Defiantly no, because he has invested 10 to 20 year in belief that this is a valuable gems stone which will gives him a sizeable amount of return. One side an expert lady having years of experience and education is field of stone analysis and on counter side this guy having wrong belief. At this stage if we think from the mind of his person we will defiantly oppose that lady and doubt on his education and expertise.

Here through this example, a stone is just an example. It can be anything like “I am The Popular Blogger”. If I am? Than I must be get a positive reviews on each post from my reader that how my article helped them in solving their problem?. If my belief is that “I am a Best Single”. If I am? Then I must be invite to sing a song eventually on any occasion like get to gather, picnic and so on..

Rather than bearing cost it is advisable to compromise with wrong belief.

Today same thing happens with us also. If an expert person came to use and gives counselling we will surely not be ready for acceptance at the cost of our belief. Yes I am defiantly aware that every individual having their own values and belief and that should not be hurt. But wrong belief may be dangerous as it will effect inverted. Rather than bearing cost it is advisable to compromise with wrong belief. Somewhere in the corner of mind we knows that realization of reality will helps to grown up but we are in a dilemma that “How to identify that my belief is true or not?”

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” — Stuart Chase

I personally applied simple formulae to identify wrong belief or true belief in my life. See I personally feel that this can be understood through only means of self-analyses. And self-analyses are possible through question and answering with self. So I am habitual to ask question to myself.

For example, Let’s see how I identified my belief “I am a Blogger.” is right of wrong:- Firstly I become neutral, I try to understand the past to present situation without being on side of true or wrong.

I ask myself, is blogging is my passion?

I got answer, I am blogging since 2009, and still I continue it with revenue of blog management and cup of coffee. I am spending all my extra time to write articles, it’s like a hobbies for me. As its give me pleasure it’s prove that blogging is my passion.

Are people recognising my belief?

I got answer yes that friends, masters, subordinates, trainers all the shareholders associated with me always appreciate my blogging through review or other means. It’s mean that I am on the right track.

Is my belief result anything?

Firstly, I already told that it’s give pleasure to me. It’s become hobbies for me so I may work on blog for more than usual working hours. Second, this belief that I am a blogger helps me to distinguish from other people as uniqueness away have preference. This uniqueness helps me to develop confidence level.

So, by self-analyses I have come to conclusion that my belief system is working in my favour that leads me to characteristics of success. So my belief is that “I am a blogger” is right for me.

I hope I make a sense to this topic, Here on this post I just share my real life experience it doesn’t mean I am right.

Not Just Listening, Implications Brings Results..

Any information is useless until it’s gets implemented. – Umeshkumar Tarsariya


“Only listening is not enough” that what i feel. Many a time in my life I also face this stage where I listen to someone and I realize whatever that person is speaking is true and should be implemented and will gives 100% positive results, but my laziness doesn’t allow me to do that.

I have studied one things in my life…

The things which consumes time we feel laziness in that particular task, For example

we know doing exercises regularly is good for health but as its consume lots of time for result, we avoid exercises.

homeopathy vs allopathy, We prefers allopathy as its gives fastest recovery compared to homeopathy or ayurvedic medicines.

Studies, study regularly will gives good results in exam, but as study daily result in long run, we avoid it. Our mind says we will study all this thing.

So the basic question here is “what is the use of such information for us as our self?” No use, Until we act on that…!

There are very few people who use such information for act, believe me this kind of people are full of confidence and energy as that feeling that “I am one of those few people who has control on their laziness” gives them power to differentiate them self from lazy people.

I strongly believes that one must have any single habit which they do with full joy “REGULARLY”. This habit leads to confidence and the person who has confidence is called “the half battle winner”