My name in the news of Times of India…(12 Feb 2023)

Recently, I got the opportunity to be a part of an interview on the occasion of World Radio Day by The Times of India. The interview was taken by Mr.Yagnesh Mehta and Mr.Gaurang Joshi (a photographer). Both have very sharp and deep knowledge of the news media industries.

VU2JRT, Jagdish Maheta, one of the senior ham from Surat city, He is my guru as he and other ham helping me a lot to understand ham radio. One day he called me and told me that reporters from the Times of India is coming to their home, are you interested to join us. I initially refused to join them because of my business obligations. And suddenly, after taking his call, I called him again and informed him that I was coming to join it.

We had a very good conversation, and VU2JRT demonstrated on 20 meter and 40 meter band of H.F., We also looked at his antenna setup too. and after taking ice-cream interview was over.

I found really helpful amateur radio operators in Surat. Rather than calling him a friend, I referred to him as Guru (Master), as they were all my father’s age.As always, I am learning from them.
I joined ham radio just a year ago. Experiencing an interview by The Times of India was my first such experience. It was really a memorable experience.

Thanks to VU2JRT – Mr. Jagdishbhai Maheta, Journalist Mr.Yagneshbhai , Photogranpher Mr. Gaurangbhai Joshi.

Mr. Yagnesh has share the link of times of india with It’s ‘friends like ham-ily’ for this GST consultant

He mentioned my name on website and news paper hard copy too. Below is the image of new paper.

Times of India - Umesh Tarsariya
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