DIY Rig control CI-V Cable for Icom Transreceiver.

Hello, every one this is VU3EFL.

After making 20/40 meter antenna for my icom transreceiver 746pro, I plan to make DIY CI-V Cable to control my rig using my Desktop pc.

For controling rig we need FTDI USB Icom programing cable, You have a option to buy new one from the online market place. But as a hobby i always try to make it by my self so that it saves money, enhance knowledge and when its works – “Give confidence and feeling of satisfaction” that yes i make it and its works :P.

I made DIY rig control cable in just About ~3$ only (INR.200 only).

So lets come to the points.

Things Needed :

  1. FT232RL – USB to TTL Converter/ Adaptor : For India – You can buy from online USB TO UART TTL 5V 3.3V FT232RL It’s just cost me Rs.130 only (~2$).
    FT232RL USB to TTL
  2. USB Mini B to USB Mini A Cable: It’s use to connect TTL converter to your PC. In my case, i already have it. You can buy online or offline as per your convenience.
    USB mini b to usb a cable
  3. 1 Resistor of 10k and IN4148 Diodes (Both Cost me about 3Rs.)
  4. 3.5 stereo jack plug.
  5. Sheilded Wire (TLL converter to 3.5 Stereo jack plug) – I use CCTV inner core wire.


diy icom civ cable for 746pro

Images of my DIY Project, Ignore mistake as i am not technician, just following the charts :-

While connecting your RIG using cable make sure you installed driver for FTDI, you can find it using this link

For controlling a rig, you need a software HDR (Ham Radio deluxe) is the best software that i am using at presnet.

I reffers following URLS :

  • Special Thanks to VU2KYZ – Ashok Khacharji for being mentor.
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