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Finally, ASOC exam is cleared..

As you all knows previously i had shared a post – The begining a new journey as a ham radio operator. Now It’s a good news that i have cleared ASOC exam and got result on 28th Dec 2020. Still i am not authorized to use ham radio as i need to apply for the licence. OM Sasi – VU2XZ from hyderabad helped me alot during this entire process of getting cleared my exam. Now again i got guidelines from him to apply for license too. I have applied for… Read More

A new journey as amateur radio operator (HAM) is about to begin.

Hello, friends… Every body keep progressing and keep going in their life. From the my childhood i always prefers the way which differentiate my self from others. This is clearly visible by this blog, in my entire educational and social life have never meet a single person who do blog like me. May or may not be i am not that much efficient blogger but what ever i do it’s creates a memory in the mind of people. And the journey of my life keeps going and i keep adding… Read More