Eyeball QSO with VU2DWA & VU2TPF at Surat.

VU2DWA, VU2TPF & VU3EFL meetup
Eyeball QSO with VU2DWA, VU2TPF & VU3EFL

Yesterday (6th Feb 2022), We had a eyeball QSO with VU2DWA/ KC2ZND – O.M Sir Digvijayam Parchara, VU2TPF – O.M. Sir Jigneshbhai and VU3EFL – Me at Surat city.

I have just joined the Surat team of Ham Radio.Till that date I had an Eyeball QSO with VU2KYZ – O.M Sir Ashok Khacharji, VU2JRT – O.M Sir Jagdish Mahetaji, VU2TPF – O.M Sir Jigneshji and VU3HJL – O.M Hardik Tejani.

O.M. Sir Jignesh doshiji (VU2TPF) is one of the active ham operators in surat city, he told that one of HAM VU2DWA/KC2ZND from South India is in Surat for some event purpose and we have decided to meet him.His name is Mr. Digvijayam Paricharlaji is basically from south India, Click here for his qrz.com detail page.

We had a healthy discussion about Ham radio and I got experience of first Eyeball QSO in surat city with an outsider.Amateur Radio is the only reason for this meet.For me south indian people helps me a lot to have a ham radio license and also a knowledge too.As a result, A level of respect is raised in my mind.

I really thanked a lot to VU2DWA as he given his precious time for QSO.He also invited us to have eyeball QSO at Mumbai.

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