A new journey as amateur radio operator (HAM) is about to begin.

Hello, friends…

Every body keep progressing and keep going in their life. From the my childhood i always prefers the way which differentiate my self from others. This is clearly visible by this blog, in my entire educational and social life have never meet a single person who do blog like me. May or may not be i am not that much efficient blogger but what ever i do it’s creates a memory in the mind of people.

And the journey of my life keeps going and i keep adding feather to my cap. Now the feather call HAM radio operator is about to embellish me.

If you don’t know what is amateur radio or HAM radio means i am simply attaching one of the famous documentary that will gives you some idea about the same, Just take a look on following video.

It’s about a 3 to 4 month i am continuously accruing  knowledge and information about the same and got too much insides as a beginner. With the help of my friend Mr. Jignesh doshi (VU2TPF), i was able to attain ASOC exam on 10th Dec 2021 at Hyderabad and followed by LARC-4 – Lamakaan Anual Radio Convention that is held on 11-12 Dec 2021. both convention and exam held at same  location , Gulham Azad Hall, Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology (MJCET) Mount Pleasant, 8-2-249, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034.

Here is a some photos i have taken for my memory about the event and exam.

Becoming ham is a hobby that very few people have it, As per my research their is hardly near by 35000 licensed issued till date i am writing this post. Out of 138 crores people only few knows about it and out this few only some numbers of people takes interest about this hobbies. I am taking interest to this as i already mentioned that i love to differentiate my self from others.

Their is two type of license – 1. Restricted grade and 2. General grade. I have applied for the both and hopping for getting license of general grade as it allows me to use more power and more emission. I am now waiting for the exam result, once i receive the result i will begin my journey from SWL (Shortwave Listeners)to My own Call sign that might begin with VU2 or VU3, (VU- is represent India).

I am planning to share not only blogs but also a YouTube channels where i can share what ever i am leaning through this. I don’t want single topic to be missed on my blog or my channel. I want to grownup with my blog and I hope you guys are also with me. Thank you.  I will be right back after my result declares.

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