Now onwards, This blog will be in english only.

Hello there,

I am associated myself with blogging since 2009 its almost more than 12 years. Initially i have started blog like how to blog, widgets for blog, SEO and SMO. However with the life goes, my hobbies were stated moving on side and setting  up life gets on track and as a result, I was detached with hobbies but as like slow breathing, was a supporting system for it. Somehow I keep doing it in Gujarati language, Some of my previous blogs gets sold and some are got expired. But hobbies remains the same. All previous blog either about guided articles or event base blogs.

This blog is all about my life and my experiences. I stared this blog with the aim to write down everything that i see, learn, experience and thing about this world.  It’s like a mirror of my life. But words have a limit we can’t write everything as some time we don’t have words to explain or a time that don’t permit us to write everything.

So, Now let’s come to the point of this post that is I started writing this blog in English language.  In this world, we as a human being always gives priory to knowledge that we have got by our intellectual capabilities. You get much attention or say much higher respect if your knowledge helps to differentiate our self from others. and this knowledge gets sharpener as much as we try to be with it. I personally thinks English language is having more reach then Gujarati. I have started this blog before 4 years (it’s 2021), but noticed that reader are quite low.  There is not meaning of this blog if not a single person read it, So my primary motives behind this blog will not get finished until I found single person to whom I may help.

With this reason only, I am publishing my understanding about this world and lesion that I have learned. Human nature are so much complex that you must need some set of mind to deal with them or else you will be gets rerate at end after falling in to pit.

So, There is nothing like state forward math’s in the books of life. As the life changes my decision too gets changes. Now onwards all the blogs will be in English only.



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