Going on a blind date with the world!

Wow.. I am so much excited to write about “What if the world invites me for a blind date?”

We have heard about blind dating man or women but we never heard about dating with world right? So here with the word “blind date with world” I mean going to a destination place which are not pre-planned, a place which we don’t have any clue about. Its time to have “#TheBlindList” not “#BucketList”

Who don’t love traveling? Everyone on this planet wants to see every corner of the world. I as a human being always curious about to know , to experience everything in my life no matter whether it’s good experience or bad one.

Every time we travel we store a good memory in our mind and recall it when we find our self depressed.

I am in love with “the world” because it’s always gives me everything without and expectations and demands.

My nature is like a spiritual person and always try to see every aspect of my life’s experiences at that point of view only. So I am traveler to this planet and want to see this world as much as possible. So there is No question of saying “NO” to the world. Because at age to 27 years, I have experienced good and bad experiences in my life. and surprisingly when I started thinking about my past experiences with world, I always found my self as happy, joyful and Stress free with it. So I am always be ready for “#TheBlindList” and “#SayYesToTheWorld”.

Different people have different opinions, likes and preferences based on their past experiences and desires. I have found one video of Lufthansa India’s Advertisement asking why people love the world?. lets watch it..

In the same way, I have my likes, preferences and opinions. Which i would like to share with you all. Following is a blind list which i have never and ever experienced in my life.

  1. Unknown Place.

    As we all knows in blind date we don’t know about with whom we are going to date with. The same way i don’t know which place i am gonna to visit.

  2. Take foreign trip alone.

    As we all know that today an ordinary man running blindly with their responsibility and hardly find time for their own. Same for me too, Once in a life i want to spend some of my life time alone.

  3. Himalayas


    Himalayas is best spiritual place according to my point of view. Sometime a place can ne a tool for Self Exploration.

  4. Knowing Other Country’s Culture.

    Once of the best think is to learn from different cultures. Without experiencing other culture we can’t able to learn the new things.

  5. Wild adventure with unknown person.

    adventure wild

    A trip just to dedicate to make a true friend of unknown wild place.

  6. Skydiving Jump


    An amazing experience to view the world from the sky side.

  7. Visit to International space station.

    Sometime being more expected is not  that much bad.


So this is final and last paragraph of this post. Once in our life why don’t we blindly go some destination where no one knows us. I am pretty sure that by doing this we will start become like this world who never differentiate good and bad and serve everyone equally. And ultimately our body is made with the five elements of this world only.

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  1. shaandaarjenie October 5, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Wow. Great to know your blind date post. I will b writing too in some days.

    1. Umeshkumar Tarsariya - Site Author October 6, 2018 at 5:20 am

      Thank jenieji.. hope for the best. And all the best to you too..


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