S.E.O - Search engine optimization
So, being active and having a hobby of making blogs and websites since 2009, I am following SEO techniques for my business and for personal blogging use too. I personally believe that you shouldn't opt for third-party services for S.E.O. Learn, and apply that knowledge to your own website. This blog is specially dedicated for those who want to learn SEO and want to increase their website's visibility in search engines.

Believe me, if you go for S.E.O. services, they will work on your profile, but if you don't know the basics, you might be cheated as S.E.O. does not provide results instantly. If you are thinking that you will get results within 10 days, a month, or a year, then you are predicting SEO in the wrong way. Many black-hat SEO experts are claiming and doing this for a sort period of time, but their visibility remains for the sort duration only. If you are focusing on long-term and sustainable SEO learning lessons, then you are on the right page. So now the aim is clear. When your aim and mine are the same, we both grow up.

I request never go for black hat S.E.O. What ever your efforts are, once search engines identify those tricks to rank websites, they will update their algorithm and your efforts will be wasted. 

What is SEO?

S.E.O. stands for search engine optimization. When your website gets the optimized, optimized in the sense gets visible in the search page of search engines like google,  yahoo, bing etc. called website optimized in search engine. 

The techniques for optimizing our website for top results require us to follow some techniques like "on-page SEO" and "off-page SEO." When we build a website or a blog, we have to inform the search engine what the page is all about, what the main topics are, and what kind of information it contains. In more detail, I will write an article on it and give the link here too. Off-page SEO is the kind of SEO that has nothing to do with the coding side; it's all about getting referred to well-ranked websites, and it has to do with all the backlinks from stakeholders in your business. We are the only ones who will work on this and tell the search engine about it, so we need to work on that side too.

Many paid advertisements are also there to rank your website, like Google ads and all those things. In my definition of SEO, it's a paid campaign, not SEO. I am here to share all posts related to "Organic S.E.O.".

Again, new terms came into the picture: "What is organic S.E.O.?" So the answer is that when you search something on a search engine, you will find links with the tags "ads,sponsored," and so on, that are paid campaigns. Other than that, organic S.E.O. is something you can do for free if you do it yourself. And yes, it has no time boundaries for getting expired, like a paid campaign. It's on you how you maintain quality of S.E.O with other's rival by following ethical S.E.O. Paid campaign has a limited time by its budget. 

I am not opposed to paid campaigning; it is important as when you are in competition, no matter how strong your SEO is, your rival will pay the search engine and get his visibility before your result.

I know someone who asked me a question: if paid ads are so strong, why go for organic? We pay, and we get sales. So i given answer to then not all results are paid one in search engine pages. Being present is important. We are on the organic side, but that doesn't mean we can't opt for a paid campaign. In marketing, getting visible and not letting our rivals be visible are both important. It's your plus point that rivals are not able to go for organic SEO; that's why he chose paid advertisements. And with proper knowledge of organic search engine optimization, you can also perform well in paid campaigns; that is my promise to you. Give them competition on both sides.

How S.E.O is useful for Us?

In whatever business or social work you do, in this material world, you must market yourself or your product. If you are a businessman, then S.E.O. will help you reach more and more customers. If you are a service provider, then you will also get customers. If you are an NGO manager or trustee, then it will also be useful for you. If you are a writer, a blogger, or an artist, then, too, SEO will help you grow.

S.E.O techniques helps us to reach as many as target audiences. For example, some people want some kind of information or inquiry on the product, and if they don't have any references, they will search for those things on a search engine. If you are there, you will get them.

Search engines are like the genie who gives all the information from the internet. So, for example, if you search "benefits of sugar," it will find good things about sugar. and same after those searches, if you search "disadvantages of sugar," you will find negative things about sugar. So the point is, search engines are like genies: whatever you demand, they will fulfill it.

Now, as marketers, we have to take advantage of our interest by appearing in those search results. Believe me, I am in the business of manufacturing arm sleeves, and in my 8-year business journey, not a single time have I visited a person or a shop to sell my product. They come to me and buy my products on my terms. If you go to them, you have to follow their conditions for doing business. So SEO makes you stronger in any field.

Before knowing the usefulness of anything we want to learn, you are on this page, which clearly shows your interest in learning S.E.O. So first, decide what you want to do with your present business or hobby. or if you don't, then you may decide what you want to do.

Once you decide, start implementing your SEO knowledge in those directions. It will take time to do ethical SEO, but with consistency and purity of mind, you will surely find a positive result in the long term.

In upcoming articles, I am going to explain the techniques step by step so you can do SEO. For doing SEO, the first thing you need is a website or blog. So we will learn how to create a blog or a website with limited sources and a limited budget. If you have a budget, then you do it by paying professionals. If you don't have it, don't worry; I am here to teach you all this stuff.

This blog is just taken near about Rs.1000/- per year (buying domain and renewing domain) cost. and Blogger is the platform I am using for blogging. You can do this too: stay connected with this website. I am first going to tell you how we can create a website or blog on Blogger by just buying a domain name.

After that we too going to learn self hosted website or blog too. It's all about a step-by-step tutorial. Don't miss this single post, and follow me on social media to be updated about new blog posts.

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